Why is Lunar One of the Best Places to Work in Orlando?

Let me start this out by saying, I am new to Lunar.  Not “brand spanking, fresh out the gate” new, but “less than six months” new.  There is probably no one better to offer perspective on why Lunar was awarded as one of Orlando Business Journal’s Best Places to Work than someone who has a fresh set of eyes.  

Coming into a new company can be awkward.  Awkward because it is a new place, a new space with new people, and it may even be a completely new job for you.  That is what it was like for me. Tech was a new industry for me and everyone here was a new face. To be honest, yea, I was pretty nervous.  But you know what made me feel comfortable from the get go? The culture. I know, it sounds cliche. But the culture of Lunar was the biggest employment selling point for me.  

Culture is a loaded word.  The business world harps on it and creates article after article about how to create “great culture.” There are probably individuals who wish culture was something to easily implement with a few checkboxes, but that is not the case.  It takes a certain kind of synergy to create a great company culture. Sometimes it can be a set of empty promises and words that are left unfulfilled. However, at Lunar we practice what we preach.

What makes Lunar’s culture so special?  Well right from the get go, our “Core Values.”  These core values are what we base everything we do off of.  They are: Expect the Moon, Professionally Casual, and Better, Together.  Let’s break down what they mean.

Expect the Moon

Expect the Moon is not just meeting expectations, it is exceeding them. Every time we start a new consulting project or do a new release for Uplink, we aren’t just putting out a half-done product.  We are putting our heart and soul into what we do, and giving our work a higher level of polish. We do everything with 110% (and maybe even more). Whether it is our Development team starting their day before the sun rises on release days or our Quality Assurance team coming back into the office after a long day to make sure a “bug” was squashed, Lunar goes above and beyond for our clients.  

Professionally Casual

It is okay if you scratched your head a little when you read this because at first I did too.  What does “professionally casual” mean? It is getting the job done and having fun while doing it.  It is when you’ve worked on a workflow all afternoon and you look at your peers and ask if they want to go play shuffleboard in the game room.  It is stopping what you are doing in the middle of a busy day to play March Madness ping-pong doubles against your Executive Vice President of Finance and Recruitment Lead with your Manager as your partner.  It is being excited to come into work every day because you may not know what that day will bring, but you know you are going to have fun doing it. Also, I will have to say, it is pretty cool that we have a WiFi enabled beer fridge and games.  

Better, Together

This may be my favorite core value.  There are companies that work in silos and one team does not talk to the other team and are left to wonder what is happening on various sides of the business.  That is not the case here. There have been more than one occurrence where I’ve needed help from a Salesforce Consultant or a Developer and every single time, they have helped with no questions asked.  They took time out of their busy days and endless to-do lists to make sure I got the help I needed. And if they didn’t have an answer for me, they leaned on a peer who would know the answer. People may sarcastically say, “teamwork makes the dream work,” but at Lunar teamwork really does make the dream happen.

So when I talk about culture, it is much more than words on a page or a cool beer fridge, but instead culture is the heartbeat of a company.  This is what makes Lunar one of Orlando’s Best Places to Work.  

If you don’t believe me, hear it from my peers.  

“I’m privileged to work with a dynamic group professionals. I can honestly say I look forward to providing all the value I can. Each day is better than the last.” – Marcus, Back-End Developer

“I’ve enjoyed working at Lunar. Everyone who works here is a lot of fun and I enjoy talking to them, and eating lunch with them. Which we do most days. I like that everyone who works here values the work and has a good work ethic. The culture and environment is laid back and relaxed, but everyone is serious about the actual work they are doing.“ – Rachel, Product Manager

“Everyday is fast paced, fun, and intense.”  – Carlos, Account Executive

“Working at Lunar has been an eye-opener! Who knew you could be professional AND challenge the executives of the company to a ping pong match all while at work?” – Juan, Lead Front-End Developer

“There are so many wonderful, intelligent, and caring people at Lunar. It’s obvious that Lunar’s biggest assets walk out the door everyday and happily come back, motivated to learn and succeed together.” Van, Salesforce Consultant

“I have never worked in a company with a culture as good as we have here.  I have only worked at large companies before with a lot of bureaucracy. I am glad that we have a culture here where feedback and creativity are not only welcomed, but they are encouraged.” – Jonathan, Account Executive

“When you work around very smart and talented people everyday, delivering excellence is not just a goal, it’s an expectation. I get inspired everyday to learn new things, and find new ways to solve problems. This is why I go to work excited everyday: I know that although I may be challenged in a new way, I have a brilliant team to work with to find creative solutions to even the most complex problems.” – Robert, Operation Manager

“Lunar has a great environment with intelligent, proactive employees. Everyone communicates well, and are all willing to help each other!” – Jaime, Executive Assistant

“I appreciate the transparent communication of our leadership group. They support each and every person on our team. My work is very engaging, and I have the opportunity to learn and grow.” – Tim, Salesforce Developer

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