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Text messaging is an important communication channel, and is no longer only for personal communication, Law firms are now utilizing this channel to increase the speed of document collection and case filing.

2x Increased caseload processed with the same resources
1.5x Increased speed of document collection and investigations
$$ Recover unbilled communication with clients

“ Weitz & Luxenberg is able to collect documentation, complete investigations, and process cases faster using Uplink.”

Yehia Said
Director of Business Operations at Weitz & Luxenberg

  1. SmartAdvocate Partner Integration

    Uplink is a certified SmartAdvocate Integration Partner. With our seamless integration, text messages and phone calls will show as notes in the client file. No change in workflow or additional steps needed to log your communication. Simply send a text or make a call as you always would, and the notes appear automatically.

  2. Seamless handoff

    Leveraging Uplink’s auto-logging capabilities, all attorneys and paralegals working on a case can see any communication that has occurred.

  3. Recover unbilled communication with clients.

    Are your attorneys and paralegals taking calls and sending text messages to clients? Are these interactions getting logged and billed to the client? Each undocumented interaction can be costing your firm hundreds or thousands of dollars. Accurately track time spent calling and texting from personal cell phones with Uplink’s easy to use dashboards.

Own the relationship.

When your staff is on vacation or leaves the firm entirely, are you able to keep in constant contact with your clients? Uplink allows your assigned phone numbers to be instantly reassigned to another staff member’s cell phone. If your client calls or texts, that communication is routed where you want it to go.

Keep your staff’s cell phone numbers private.

Uplink makes it easy for your attorneys and paralegals to communicate via text and voice with clients directly from their cell phone without exposing their personal numbers. Your staff can leverage their existing phones without carrying a second device or downloading additional apps. Once a contact has been designated as a client, Uplink will provide a new number for communication with this client, logging all of their communication and keeping your staff’s personal phone numbers private.

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