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Uplink Pricing

Plans are coming soon, contact us for more information

$29 per number/mo*
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  • Each Number Includes
  • 100 Minutes
  • 500 SMS
$99 per number/mo*
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  • Each Number Includes
  • 200 Minutes
  • 1,500 SMS
  • 50 MMS
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Custom plans for businesses with a high volume of customers in need of tailored number of users, unique contacts, and messages.
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*Annual Plans are Billed Annually

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try Uplink?
You can sign up for a month to month plan with no long-term committment. If you love it as much as we do, you can switch at any time to the annual subscription plan which will save you 25%. Contact us for more information.
Can I send texts internationally?
Currently, Uplink can only receive and send text from Canadian or United States numbers.
Is my personal information safe?

For more information about how Uplink ensures privacy for both you and your customer, please contact us to learn more!

Is my phone carrier plan being charged?
No, however, standard SMS rates may apply depending on your carrier.
What happens if someone calls my "text" number?
Voice calls are routed appropriately using our propritary technology to ensure that you aren’t missing out on any potential opportunities to interact with your customers.
Does Uplink send Group Messages?
Since we specifically created Uplink to solve the problem of being able to visualize conversations in Salesforce, messages can only be sent to one contact at a time if you wish to see the messages in Salesforce.
Does Uplink cost anything for my customers?
No, however, standard SMS rates may apply depending on their carrier and plan.
Can I switch plans after I sign up?
Of course! You can change plans whenever is best for you. All you need to do is contact us through support in your Uplink dashboard.
How will my texts appear?
All messages will are sent through standard SMS. In other words, if you are an iPhone user, the text messages will be standard messages (green) and not iMessage (blue). This method helps ensure all data is collected correctly and can be sent straight to Salesforce.
What happens if I go over my minutes, SMS, and MMS?
Overages are billed monthly. If you are continually going over your allotted number of minutes and messages, it may be best to upgrade to professional. Packages are available for contacts, minutes, SMS, and MMS.
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