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Reach customers directly from your phone’s text messaging app and visualize the conversation in Salesforce

No Need to Download an App

Text directly from your cell phone’s native messaging app to conveniently and easily connect with your customers.

See All Conversations in Salesforce

Keep track of all conversations with customers using Uplink’s ability to capture messages and see them in your Salesforce Org.

Easy to Use Dashboard

Monitor all users and customers, see activity charts indicating which conversations are receiving the most engagement, and better prioritize sales and marketing resources.

No App Needed

Text customers without changing your workflow

Designed as a 1-1 communication tool with sales professionals in mind, Uplink alleviates the need for a separate dedicated mobile app to chat with a new lead or customer. Now you can text directly from your cell phone, like you would to a friend, to connect with customers.

Personalized Messages
Have quick and convenient conversations with new leads or customers and offer them a personalized customer experience

Remove Boundaries
Interact without the friction of using a separate messaging system

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Visualize Conversations in Salesforce

See messages in desktop or on mobile in Salesforce.

Only Uplink makes it possible to text directly from your phone’s native messaging app, automatically log conversations in Salesforce, and visualize them exactly as they appear on your phone. Compatible with both Classic and Lightning experiences.

Make it easier to seamlessly access text conversations in Salesforce.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Technology that is simple to use so Sales can focus on connecting with their customers efficiently

Number Assignments
Keep track of utilization and gain insights into what your Sales activity looks like

View messages in Salesforce or in the Uplink Dashboard

Analyze which relationships are leading to the most active conversations

Achieve Your Business Goals

Reach Customers Where They Are

Your customers want you to reach out to them via text messaging. According to Twilio, in 2016 85% of consumers said they would like to reply to a text message from a business versus a phone call. 

Boost Your Conversion Rates

Customers are more likely to read and respond to your text messages than phone calls or emails, providing you a greater chance of closing deals.

Build trusting relationships with customers

When you can have a convenient and personalized conversation, you are building trust with the other party. Uplink allows you to send text messages directly to leads just like you would to a friend.

Foster Customer Loyalty

Using Uplink, you can keep the conversation going to ensure existing customers are satisfied with their product or service. Being able to log into Salesforce helps you monitor the conversation, follow-up with solutions and check-in. Happy customers are loyal and will be your most significant form of advertising.

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Technology Companies

Increase engagement and adoption Maintain customer satisfaction & reduce churn Cross-sell to existing customers Increase conversions

Human Resources

Recruit and speak with candidates Build Rapport with Employees Provide a safe space to chat about concerns Have Records of Conversations

Real Estate Agents

Connect with prospective homebuyers directly Log messages to inform home choices Share new listing information Set and confirm appointments

And More

Uplink is a versatile tool for anyone who wants the flexibility of texting directly from your normal text messaging app and accessing those messages for later use. If you are interested in learning more about how Uplink can help you connect with your customers, get in touch.