Uplink Adds Salesforce Native Activity Integration

We are excited to announce our newest addition to Uplink and the most anticipated feature release to date: tracking your calls and texts as a task within activities in Salesforce.  Gone are the days of manually inputting every communication with Leads or Contacts. Let Uplink, our one-to-one native text messaging and phone call application, do the heavy lifting for you.

Uplink’s most recent update allows all calls and texts to be automatically added as a Salesforce activity.  Now you can visualize the conservation in Salesforce AND report and action on it within Salesforce. Your employees can never say ‘Oh, I forgot to create that activity’ again.

Enabling this feature is just as easy as using it. By navigating to the “Plan” tab within the Uplink Web App and clicking on “Salesforce,” Users will be able to toggle their Salesforce Activity Settings on and off.

After toggling your activity to “on” within the Uplink Web App, you will start to see text messages and calls in your Salesforce Contacts and Leads.  When you navigate to a Contact or Lead within Salesforce, you will see past text messages and calls under “Past Activities.” Each text will have the subject of “Uplink TEXT for Contact.”

Not only does this feature track when calls and texts were made, but if you are looking for more information about a specific text message, the Salesforce User can click on the Uplink Detail Record.  There the user has access to see the Sender’s real phone number, Senders Uplink Number, the Message Body, as well as a visual of the message within the entire conversation that took place.

With this update to Uplink, users are able to track their conversations more efficiently and spend more time building relationships without any of the tedious admin work.   

Interested in learning more about how Uplink can get your team on the right track?  Request a trial here.

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