Uplink: The CRM Texting Solution

Text customers or prospects directly from your phone’s native text messaging app and visualize the conversation in Salesforce.

Why Uplink

CRM text messaging with Uplink makes it easy to reach prospects and convert them into customers without losing visibility into the conversation.

Reach Customers Where They Are

The majority of consumers prefer to reply to a text message from a business than a phone call. Now you can reach customers how they prefer to be reached..

Boost Conversion Rates

Customers are more likely to read and respond to your text messages than phone calls or emails. Texting your leads increases your chance of closing deals..

Foster Customer Loyalty

Continue to hold conversations with existing customers to ensure they are satisfied with their product or service. .

Easy-To-Use Dashboard

Clear dashboard technology keeps your sales team focused on connecting with their customers efficiently rather than trying to find specific data or contact records..

Own The Numbers

Your organization owns the phone numbers at all times, so numbers can be easily reassigned if a salesperson leaves the company or goes on vacation..

Build Customer Relationships

When you can have a convenient and personalized conversation, you build trust with the other party. Uplink allows you to send text messages directly to leads just like you would to a friend..

Text Customers Without Changing Your Workflow

Designed as a 1-1 communication tool with sales professionals in mind, Uplink alleviates the need for a separate dedicated mobile app to chat with a new lead or customer. Now you can text directly from your cell phone, like you would to a friend, to connect with customers and remove boundaries without the friction of using a separate messaging system.

Visualize Conversations in Salesforce!

See messages in desktop or on mobile in Salesforce. Only Uplink makes it possible to text directly from your phone’s native messaging app, automatically log conversations in Salesforce, and visualize them exactly as they appear on your phone. Compatible with both Classic and Lightning experiences. Make it easier to seamlessly access text conversations in Salesforce.

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Start tracking sales texting activity more effectively by using Uplink to log messages in your CRM.

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