Top 4 Remarkable Takeaways From Dreamforce 2018

It has been exactly one week since the last day of Dreamforce and we are still reflecting on what we took away from this annual event otherwise known as the San Francisco takeover. The weather was amazing, the concerts and activities were beyond entertaining, and most importantly the lessons learned from Dreamforce were unforgettable.

Dreamforce Entrance Sign

Walking the Walk with Diversity

As we roamed around the four-day event, we noticed something quite refreshing about the environment: the people! Diversity was a reality, one that you don’t see on a daily basis, unfortunately. Yet, Dreamforce not only brings people together to discuss the latest features and success stories, but also brings people from all walks of life together through the commonality of Salesforce.  Who would have thought that technology could teach us indirectly how incredible differences are for all aspects of business and personal growth?

Diversity is woven into the values of Salesforce, and they aren’t shy about it. Why should they be? Diversity is what makes our world go around. Different perspectives, beliefs, and values make innovation possible.

“Salesforce talks about diversity and they talked a lot about it at Connections over the Summer, but being in San Francisco and seeing how diverse this conference was showed us that they truly value it and are going a step farther by educating us and all attendees along the way” – said Drew Whitcomb, Lunar’s Business Development Manager.

We realized how incredibly important diversity is, and are so thankful that our growing team is becoming more diverse. What steps is your company taking to be more inclusive?

Cultivating Partnerships

We also learned the importance of cultivating partnerships with other companies to provide a better customer experience overall. Three big announcements worth knowing about if you are a Salesforce user, or soon to be one, are the partnerships with Google, Apple, and Amazon Web Services.

Salesforce and Google Strategic Partnership

The partnership between the #1 CRM and Google will offer companies greater ability to run entire businesses in the cloud effectively. Salesforce will also integrate with Google Analytics 360 ensuring you will be able to have a clear view of who your customers are, their behavior, and most importantly, what next steps you should take to engage with a customer.

Right now you can do the following as a result of this partnership:

  • Integrate Gmail into Salesforce to see email interactions with customers
  • Embed Google Sheets into Lightning
  • Create new Google Sheets by pulling data from records or reports
  • Access Salesforce contact information and case history while in Google Meet

Apple Partnership

With iOS phones being close to half of the phones used in the U.S. alone, it’s no wonder that Salesforce and Apple are partnering together to create a more streamlined customer experience.

For Salesforce and iOS users, in January you will be able to enjoy a new iOS application that will have the capability of using Siri shortcuts, business chat, and Face ID. To increase application development, there are developer tools to help you and your team members build iPhone and iPad applications on the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

The full launch of this partnership will take place in early 2019, but you can begin preparing by taking the Apple Trailhead to learn how to develop applications in iOS!

Expansion of Partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Many Salesforce products run on the public clouds of AWS already. By expanding their partnership, you will experience an improved and secure way of sharing data in a streamlined manner while also building a genuinely connected customer experience.

Users will have access to:

  • AWS PrivateLink Integration with Salesforce APIs to privately route data and use endpoints to capture granular customer insights
  • AWS Integration with Salesforce Platform events to improve triggering processes and actions
  • An integration with Amazon Connect for Salesforce Service Cloud to allow you to build self-service voice experiences and support your customer support workflows.

These large partnerships remind us that the work we are doing for our own clients, or partners as we like to call them, is so important. We are not only streamlining business processes for them, but improving the customer experience for who they are serving. That’s a win-win in our book! How does your company view partnerships?

Improve Offerings Based on Customer Feedback

Do you ever wish you had an assistant to handle all the time-consuming aspects of your day to day work life? Well, now with Einstein Voice, you can have your very own assistant to enter in data as you are speaking. Additionally, daily updates can be set up so you have a clear picture of who your targets are for a particular day. You can take it a step farther by customizing your updates to hear only the most relevant information to you.

Aside from logging data and getting daily updates, you can also ask Einstein Voice for assistance in retrieving specific search queries from your Salesforce instance. Imagine driving in the car or on a train with a limited amount of time, and you’re in need of the name of a contact within the account you are about to meet? No problem ask Einstein Voice, and it will tell you.

Many individuals are finding themselves stretched thin and bouncing from one meeting or task to another with very little time to spend on manual data entry. Einstein Voice is a great feature that will help you focus on what you love doing – selling products or services to people that need them, productively. With artificial intelligence as the backbone of Einstein, you also will have the added benefit of getting clear predictions about clients based on their engagement. Now you can speak to Salesforce and make it work for you.

Build Up Those Around You

Last but not least, we identified a trend that Salesforce that has grown into over the past eighteen years. This trend is taking the time to build up others around you. Whether Salesforce realizes this or not, they have positioned themselves as a leader in online learning and encouraging other companies, like Apple, to create training programs to support learners with all kinds of backgrounds. Salesforce and companies that are following suite are democratizing technology for all.

Programs like and Pledge 1% are efforts that Salesforce is taking to ensure they are giving back and building people up as well as educating business leaders to do the same.

Helping those around you is important internally and externally. At Lunar, although we are a relatively new company, we see the importance of giving back and have already begun the steps towards our own Pledge 1%. So, what processes does your company have in place for mentorship programs, professional and personal development, and giving back to the community? 

Dreamforce was a spectacular event, and the above four takeaways have resonated with us, even a week later, here at Lunar!

Interested in learning more about Lunar’s offerings or just reminiscing about the Metallica concert at Dreamforce? Then, connect with Drew Whitcomb, our Business Development Manager, today!

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