Top 4 Marketing Tips from Invoca Summit

Invoca Summit had an impressive line up of speakers from companies like Google, Adobe, and Forrester highlighting innovations and trends in the marketing and product world. Below are a few tips from the summit that all companies can take action on now.

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Take Advantage of AI technologies

Artificial Intelligence is a dream come true for most marketers. It provides you granular data and additional information to guide your campaigns. However, it can be a challenge navigating all the products currently available to make a final decision on which one you should use. Invoca has their own AI technology that captures information from phone calls. Signal AI is Invoca’s machine-learning technology that uses statistical models to pull out keywords and phrases from conversations to gain an understanding of customer intent. With this information, you can segment customers, route them to appropriate avenues, and meet their needs much faster.

An example of this in action is from a session with Frontier Communications, a company based in Connecticut with services throughout the United States. They did a lot of work setting up custom fields and scripts for their sales team. They asked specific questions to help determine what is most important to their customers. For example, Frontier representatives asked customers how important the Hallmark channel was to them. By asking this question in particular, they determined that 15% of their customers had an interest in the Hallmark channel. Frontier used this information to help negotiate a pending contract with Hallmark based on the level of interest their customers had. Using Signal AI, Frontier accurately segmented the percentage of customers interested in the Hallmark channel, and now they know where to spend a portion of marketing dollars.

In another session, a panel of top marketers discussed data analysis. A common theme highlighted how difficult it is to get all your data into one centralized location to analyze. AI, as they shared, can help analyze metrics at scale. Naturally, we thought of a Salesforce solution for this — Einstein analytics.

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Make Chatting Convenient

We’ve all heard the saying, “meet customers where they are,” but when it comes to communicating directly with customers you also need to make sure it is on their terms. Whatever you do, make it easy and frictionless to respond to you. Nowadays, over 50% of people prefer interacting via a phone call. Similarly, text messaging and chatbot usage for businesses are on the rise. So how are you communicating with your clients? Below are a few highlights from the Summit addressing communication. 

Phone Calls  

Invoca makes phone calls an effective form of sales, marketing, and even customer service.  Using Promo Numbers and Ringpools, you can collect data on your callers. All the while using real-time data to make sure they are receiving the help they inquired about.


People understand that a human may not always be available at their every beck and call. Chatbots are a great solution to providing real-time triaged assistance. We particularly love what Salesforce is doing with their new product, Einstein Bots. According to Jay Baer from Convince and Convert, “64% of Americans say 24-hour service is the best feature of chatbots.” These are great alternatives for when a 24-hour call center is not an option. Although chatbots are becoming increasingly popular, a majority of people still prefer interacting with a human as seen by the Brand EQ Studyconducted by Invoca and Adobe. Try them out and see how your customers interact with it! 

Text Messaging  

Take a second and think about your personal choice for communication. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if you said text messaging. Based on a Twilio study, 90% of business leads would agree with you. Most leads prefer communicating with businesses through text.

A majority of text messaging tools on the market are for bulk texting. At Invoca, we had the pleasure of meeting the Drips crew. Drips is different than your typical bulk texting service. With Drips, you can nurture leads with texts, similar to how you would send nurture emails. Engagement programs can be built out so you are sending relevant text messages consistently until the desired action is taken. On the other hand, if you are looking more for a 1-1 texting tool, we actually developed a solution that allows you to text clients directly from your native app while simultaneously capturing those messages in Salesforce. No need to spend time manually entering in data. Check out Uplink to learn more or request a demo!

Utilize Voice 

Voice search has increasingly become a popular avenue for consumers to find information quickly. Your search ranking matters now more than ever. If you are not in that first position and someone uses Voice Search, then your information is not seen. Here are some ways to address this, some may not be new to you but more of a reminder. Ironically, Julia Snead, VP of Marketing at Invoca, says that “voice” is going to bring the true concept of a phone back to our phones. “They turned into mini-computers,” she said, but with the use of voice, you are now talking into phones and getting some type of response. More and more people are utilizing the voice features to make phone calls, text friends, set reminders, and perform searches. And according to Wordstream, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. Likewise, the rise of smart speakers will increase to 55% by 2022. That is just a few years away…

Future of Voice

Move from Last to Multi-Touch Attribution

Companies are moving from last touch attribution to multi-touch attribution. Collectively, marketing teams are realizing that it is no longer a viable option to only consider the last touch when determining ROI. Why? Well, let’s say you have a paid marketing team and an SEO team. How will you know what first brought a converting lead to your site? If we think about the last touch, then we may think it is the form with an effective call to action on the website that led them to convert. However, if we take a holistic multi-touch look, we can see the full journey of all leads. This information is vital when you are determining where to spend your marketing dollars. Every touch matters and you should know all the actions your leads are taking.

Yet, it is easier said than done. We get it. A few years back, we ran into the common pitfall of relying on the last touch and attributing that to overall ROI for campaigns. To give our specific marketing teams the credit that was due, we decided to build our own product — Shuttle. This product guides data from one source like Invoca into one or multiple destinations like Salesforce and Slack. Invoca has an integration with Salesforce already which is fantastic if you are looking for a way to connect call data to your CRM. But, what about other touch points? How are you accounting for those in your CRM? Are you also looking for a way to connect call data to other objects within Salesforce, like opportunities or accounts? With Shuttle, you can pull data from any source and move it where you want it to go. We touched on this topic during our Lightning Talk — Amplifying Invoca to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts & Campaign ROI. 

Invoca Product Launches

Bonus: Invoca Product and Feature Updates You May Have Missed

  • 4 new foreign languages & dialects for Signal AI
  • Navigation on the Invoca platform is changing  
  • New built-in data visualization tool with the ability to build data dashboards
  • Contact center solutions – Invoca is teaming up with Genesys to receive information and then send it back to Invoca
  • Updates to the custom Invoca Tag
  • Custom data replaces the need to add the same pool parameters to different campaigns

What were your takeaways from Invoca? Are you looking for a way to improve your communication with customers, call attribution, or implementation of AI? We can help, connect with us today!

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