1. Automatically Target Customers

    Use past purchase history to sell more tickets. Develop marketing journeys in Marketing Cloud (Exact Target), Pardot, Hubspot, Eloqua or Marketo and automatically send e-mails, text messages, and target your customers with social ads.

  2. Add Ticketmaster Data to Salesforce Contact Records

    Open a contact in Salesforce and see their entire purchase history, Live Analytics data, and attendance. This isn’t just a visualization, the data lives natively within Salesforce objects and fields.

  3. Keep your Salesforce up-to-date

    When contacts are updated in Archtics, TicketBeam updates their contact information in Salesforce. Your sales team no longer is using out of date phone numbers or e-mail addresses.

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Our Approach

Lunar’s experts can help you easily segment customers and create targeted campaigns, enhance your marketing automation process, and improve reporting for Ticketmaster customers.

The Old Way

Multiple steps, multiple systems, and a lot of manual work. Manually exporting from Archtics is the current standard. If someone buys a ticket right after your export, they don’t make their way into your marketing campaign. If someone updates their contact information, it doesn’t make it into your CRM. The solution lies in automation.

The TicketBeam way

When a customer purchases tickets through Ticketmaster, TicketBeam will create an Account and Contact in Salesforce with all of their information from Archtics. Like magic, their ticket purchases, Live Analytics demographic information, and attendance records are all visible, reportable and actionable natively within Salesforce. This data is regularly and automatically updated as ticket purchases occur.

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