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Technology Consulting

Leveraging Business Technology to Fuel Sustainable Bottom-Line Growth

Our business process management consulting will guide you through the selection, implementation, and management of new apps, platforms, and sales acceleration tools – to address your technology challenges with accountability, adaptability, and long-term vision. Based in Orlando, Florida, we have enjoyed great success with businesses in the area as well as with businesses in other parts of the country. Let’s talk about how our team can help your business achieve the results that will power your business to success.


As a Registered Salesforce Partner, we begin every engagement with a comprehensive analysis of your current business processes and CRM capabilities. From identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, we can strategize how to squeeze the maximum value from Salesforce. Our proven process of business analysis and Salesforce implementation is a holistic approach that addresses your current situation and has the flexibility to adjust as your company grows.


When you work with us, you have access to all of the right resources to maximize your Pardot marketing automation software – from email marketing to lead scoring to lead nurturing. Our Pardot Certified Consultants and specialists provide the necessary technical and consulting skills to ensure your business has the right implementation and your team has the necessary skills needed to grow revenue and boost ROI.


As a proud Ticketmaster Nexus Partner, we implement custom data integrations using Ticketmaster to distribute data into your existing technology stack. We offer start-to-finish consulting services to ensure that the implementation is successful.


Our CRM consulting services address implementation or optimization of customer relationship management software. The first step of both engagements is the diagnosis. We look at your business processes and identify what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll help you select the best lead management tools based on your pain points, and help you implement and optimize the CRM system. The goal of our CRM customization services is to support sales and marketing management while maximizing relationships with customers and driving sales team engagement and productivity.

Technology Stack

In situations when your tech stack needs to be realigned to deliver what you want and what you need, we can help you realign your existing technology investments, guiding you with a strategic vision for your success. Often we can help you avoid an expensive and time consuming customized solution by using a combination of your existing technology stack, new third-party technology, our proprietary SaaS products, and custom development. It’s important to us that we help our customers find cost-effective solutions to address their technology needs.

Business Process

With years of experience in streamlining and modernizing business operations, our business process optimization consulting starts with our highly focused discovery and documentation. This extensive “getting to know your business” diagnosis includes the identification of specific inefficiencies and redundancies. Then our expertise in sales and marketing process mapping and optimization, data flows, complementary technology, etc. is dedicated to developing custom recommendations for initiatives to address those issues, upgrade execution, automate and meet customer needs. Our strategies and tactics will help you face the future with confidence.

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