Flexible plans that meet your business needs.




3,000 Transfers of Data (TODs)

50,000 Events Form Builder

Website Tracking 

Unlimited Logical Routing

Unlimited Sources & Destinations




10,000 Transfers of Data (TODs)

100,000 Events

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Includes all Standard Features



Customize for Your Business

Custom Integrations

Custom Tracking Features

High-Volume Data processing

Tailored pricing

*Billed annually

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TOD?

A TOD stands for transfer of data. Every lead that transfers in or out is considered a TOD. For example, each time data is collected from a lead generation form, the data is transferred into Shuttle equaling one TOD. When the data is distributed to a destination that is also considered one TOD.

What is an Event?

This is related to Shuttle’s tracking feature. By default, every page load, unload, and link click is considered an event. Shuttle will count each event that occurs. Additional tracking events such as mouse hover, form submissions, and more can be customized. Please contact us for more information.

What happens if I go over my TOD or Event limit amount?

Overages will be charged $50 per 1,000 TODs/month and $50 per 100,000 Events/month. Contact us for more information about plan modifications and upgrades.

What support will I receive?

We strive to ensure your Shuttle implementation is a success. Should you have any issues, we have a deep knowledgebase to walk you through each step. You can also request a support ticket any time you may require additional help. If you have purchased the Professional or Enterprise plan, you can contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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