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Making Lead Collection, Tracking, and Distribution Easier

Shuttle is a user-friendly lead collection, user tracking, and lead distribution software saving you time to focus on closing more deals.


Developed to make lead collection, user tracking, and distribution simple, Shuttle is a lead distribution software that can accept data from any source and leverage real-time logic to send your leads to any destination. Shuttle provides the tracking and segmentation of all incoming leads to distribute them to your sales or marketing team.


Using our form builder or posting to an API endpoint via webhook, you can seamlessly collect lead data from any source.


You can track clicks on any page element, know where all of your leads are coming from, identify which pages your users are viewing, and fingerprint site visitors to identify them uniquely.


Once lead data is collected, the information can be sent to one or multiple destinations, such as your CRM and Slack. With error-handling, you can be certain that your leads will make it to the appropriate destination.

Make it easy to collect lead data

Looking for a simple way to collect contact information and pass along all of the user tracking data Shuttle collects? We recommend using our pre-built form builder to get up and running in minutes. Shuttle’s always improving form builder allows you to create picklists, radio buttons, checkboxes, required fields, conditional fields and more. Plus you can customize the fonts and colors to match your website.

Add your sources 

  • Webhooks
  • Invoca
  • LiveChat
  • and more

Understand your leads through in-depth tracking

The more data you have, the better decisions you can make. With Shuttle’s tracking abilities, you can examine user behavior at a granular level by seeing each user as a reflection of their characteristics and behaviors.

Report on Individual Usage

You can look back through a visitor’s history to answer specific questions, such as paid lead conversion, specific landing page conversion details and more.

Tie Devices Used to Conversion Outcomes

You can gather data on device usage and popularity to understand site performance in a variety of different user contexts.

Analyze Visitor Intent

Understanding touch points and modeling visitor intent, you can leverage your marketing funnel to improve the user experience on your sites.

Use Data to Iterate

Provide your Business Intelligence team with more data points for each visitor to draw conclusions from old data and continue innovating to improve your processes

Send data where you want it to go and add as many destinations as you want

Shuttle is a data-distribution tool that does more than just transfer data from point A to point B. Using complex logic, you can send to multiple destinations, set up conditions to route to a specific destination if an action is taken or sent to another if it is not. Shuttle ensures your data is delivered with error-handling technology so you’ll know if a lead reached its destination or not.

Specifically made with sales & marketing in mind

Shuttle is a unique solution for anyone who handles incoming leads and wants to route them to the appropriate destination – whether that is to your CRM, to Pardot to create nurture campaigns, directly to a sales rep via email, or any other outbound webhook destination. Shuttle can help you do your job more efficiently by dispersing data to one or multiple destinations based on simple or complex routing logic.


Get granular data on users when they convert

Track clicks on any page or element

Uniquely identify users

Append marketing data to any profile and send anywhere

Collect custom variables

Sales Ops

Easy to use with your CRM

Complements your data warehouse

Data is saved before distribution

Resend or search for data at any time


Included form builder tool

Lead data is thoroughly encrypted

Standardize fields across all sources and destinations

Manage lead routing visibly instead of in code

Be Smart with Your Lead Data

Shuttle supports your sales and marketing efforts. Spend less time manually collecting, tracking, and distributing and more time nurturing and closing deals.

Getting Started with Shuttle


Step 1

Set up your dashboard by connecting your sources to the appropriate destinations.

Step 2

Add a lead generation form to your website. Use our knowledgebase to guide you or reach out for help.


Step 3

Sit back and let Shuttle distribute your lead data to the correct destinations. Nurture your leads and close more deals.

See How It Works for Yourself

Schedule a demo to learn how Shuttle can help you manage your leads.