Shuttle is a user-friendly lead collection, user tracking, and lead distribution software saving you time to focus on closing more deals.

Product Overview

We design and develop software for funded startups and established companies. Here are just some examples of our work

Using our form builder or posting to an API endpoint via webhook, you can seamlessly collect lead data from any source.
You can track clicks on any page element, know where all of your leads are coming from, identify which pages your usrs are viewing, and fingerprint site visitors to identify them uniquely.
Collected lead data is sent to one or multiple destinations, such as your CRM or Slack. With error-handling, you can be certain that your leads will make it to the appropriate destination.

Understand your leads through in-depth tracking

The more data you have, the better decisions you can make. With Shuttle’s tracking abilities, you can examine user behavior at a granular level by seeing each user as a reflection of their characteristics and behaviors.

Report on Individual Usage

Look back through a user's history to determine information like paid lead conversion, unique landing page conversion and more

Analyze Visitor Intent

Gain valuable insight into visitors intent to refine your marketing funnel and improve the user experience of your sites.

Device Usage Analytics

Gather data on device usage and popularity to understand site performance in a variety of different user contexts.

Actionable Data

Give your Business Intelligence team larger data sets to improve the quality of comparative analyses against historic visitor data.

Make It Easy to Collect Data

Looking for a simple way to collect contact information and pass along all of the user tracking data Shuttle collects? We recommend using our pre-built form builder to get up and running in minutes. Shuttle’s always improving form builder allows you to create picklists, radio buttons, checkboxes, required fields, conditional fields and more. Plus you can customize the fonts and colors to match your website.

Send your Data Wherever You Want

Shuttle is a data-distribution tool that does more than just transfer data from point A to point B. Using complex logic, you can send to multiple destinations, set up conditions to route to a specific destination if an action is taken or sent to another if it is not. Shuttle ensures your data is delivered with error-handling technology so you’ll know if a lead reached its destination or not.

3 steps for

Getting Started with Shuttle.

Step 1
Set up your dashboard by connecting your sources to the appropriate destinations.
Step 2
Add a lead generation form to your website. Use our knowledgebase to guide you or reach out for help.
Step 3
Sit back and let Shuttle distribute your lead data to the correct destinations. Nurture your leads and close more deals.

Weitz & Luxenberg

Weitz Lux receives inquiries from dozens of websites, vendors, and referral firms and keeping them all organized was a significant challenge. Shuttle gives us the ability to pass unique inquiry information from different sources, as well as add proprietary tagging to separate each stream and accurately attribute where that lead originated.
William D., Director of Operations, Weitz & Luxenberg

Traka USA

We had an excellent experience working with the Lunar team on our Pardot development project. Choosing a partner with an in-house Pardot expert was essential for us. The team is really sharp, flexible and creative in finding the correct solution when posed with technical challenges. We hope to continue our work with Lunar as we expand our use of Salesforce and Pardot into other areas of the business.
Brendon W., Marketing Manager, Traka USA

At, we’re serving bleeding edge technology disruptors, so we needed a partner with a diverse skill set who could deliver on a tight deadline. Lunar’s experience working with a wide variety of different industries means they can easily scope down the complexity of a project and deliver results quickly.
Matt B., Head of Customer Success,

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We design and develop software for funded startups and established companies. Here are just some examples of our work

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