Salesforce Summer ’18 Release – Lunar’s Favorite Features

As a Salesforce Partner, we look forward to reviewing Salesforce updates – rolled out every spring, summer, and winter – to identify new ways to maximize the platform for our clients.  The Summer ’18 release revealed an array of improvements and additions that can increase productivity and customizability for Salesforce users. Below are some of our favorite features and updates that we think deserve a closer look.

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Omni-Channel Setup Flow

Tabs are now available in the Omni-Channel Utility. Using these tabs, users can easily differentiate what tasks need attention by separating work items between those that were accepted and those that are new. You can now improve customer service by utilizing skills-based routing, always ensuring the customer gets sent to the right agent.

Quick Actions

Thanks to updated capabilities with quick actions, sales reps can now properly display the correct name fields – salutation, first name, middle name and last name. Additionally, quick actions can now be set up for more objects – up to 100 records in a list view.

Einstein Splits

Einstein splits enable customer interactions to be split by utilizing personas based on engagement score, likelihood to click a link or make a purchase, and more. These splits provide deeper insights into customers, allowing Salesforce users to better suit their needs.

Joined Reports in Lightning Experience

With joined reports (beta), report types that share similar fields, such as account name and account ID, can be joined together. This feature is a valuable tool for analyzing and sorting reports.

Pin Multiple Posts

Through Salesforce Lightning Experience, users can place vital information in the forefront by pinning posts in Chatter Groups and Topic Feeds. Now, users can pin multiple posts, allowing for more information to remain visible at all times.

Report and Dashboard Folders in Lightning Experience

Organization and productivity in Salesforce will increase thanks to folders and subfolders for reports and dashboards in Lightning Experience. This new customization feature means users can select which columns to display and what text appears in those columns.

Maximize Your Potential with Lunar

At Lunar, our team of experts keep up with all of the Salesforce release details so you don’t have to. The next Salesforce update will be issued Winter 2018, and you can be sure we will look through every release note to ensure our clients maximize their potential. That’s what we’re here for, to always ensure that you have the best configuration to suit your needs. Contact us if you are interested in implementing any of these features.

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