Get The Most Out of Salesforce

Harnessing the Power of Salesforce for Your Business

Our Approach

Lunar is a Registered Salesforce Partner, but we’re unique in our approach. Instead of looking at your company to see what problems Salesforce can solve, we look at your business process, identify problems and offer solutions to those problems.

Based in Orlando, we’ve worked with a number of Florida-based businesses. We’ve also enjoyed successful engagements outside the sunshine state both working remotely and visiting client sites. We don’t care where you are, we care about bringing value to your operation.

What We Offer

Salesforce Implementation

With deep experience implementing Salesforce in a variety of industries, we bring the expertise to your company to ensure that you’ll squeeze the most from your Salesforce investment, increasing usefulness, adoption, and insights.

Custom Development

Along with our exclusive products, we can develop custom features to address your unique situation. Our developers are experienced in building custom functionality that works seamlessly with Salesforce while meeting your specific needs.


Data Migration

Whether it’s importing, exporting or sanitizing Salesforce data, our Salesforce data migration services have earned the reputation for making the process seamless and painless. We can also sync your data with other databases, partners, and tools.


One of the keys to maximizing your Salesforce investment is proper administration. Let our experienced administrators stress about those details for you. We’ll facilitate the process to get you what you need from Salesforce.


From generating standard reports to building custom dashboards, we enable easy access to the data that drives informed decisions for your business. We make sure the data that matters most is easy to access and manipulate to reveal key insights about your business.

Third-Party Integrations

Many third-party add-ons offered by Salesforce consulting companies are described as “simple” and “easy,” but it’s not always simple or easy to install and configure them correctly. Our team works with a variety of add-ons and integrations, including Pardot, and can help you get these features to run smoothly and work as advertised.

Maximize Your Salesforce

Talk to our Salesforce experts to discover how you can maximize Salesforce to increase leads, generate higher conversion rates and expand your base of loyal customers.
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