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Develop a Salesforce implementation strategy for communication, rollout timeline, and business goals. We’ll help you execute the strategy to ensure team cohesiveness..


Customize Salesforce features to address your situation. Along with our exclusive products, our engineers build custom Salesforce and Pardot functionality to meet your needs..

Data Migration

Import, export, and clean your data with our Salesforce data migration services. We’ll also assist you in syncing your data with other databases, partners, and tools..

Third-Party Integration

Install and configure add-ons in your CRM. We have experience working with a variety of Salesforce integrations and make integrating with a third-party tool easy..


Maximize your CRM investment with proper Salesforce administration. Our experienced administrators facilitate this process to ensure your business needs are met..

Dashboard Reports

Build standard and custom Salesforce dashboards for reporting to surface the data that drives informed decisions. These key insights are crucial to your business success..

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Our Approach

We reduce the learning curve for you because we understand saving time and money is vital to your business. Through customized solutions, Lunar helps you increase usefulness, adoption, and insights of your Salesforce to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and marketing.

  1. Discover Gaps and Inefficiencies

    Our consultants ensure that gaps or inefficiencies are nonexistent by diving deep into your organization’s processes. We set you up for success by identifying areas of optimization and creating logical workflows that prevent you from doing unnecessary and repetitive tasks.

  2. Customize and Automate

    Through custom automation, we help you create and deliver personalized experiences that connect consumers with your brand.

  3. Market Smarter, Sell Faster

    Using Salesforce efficiently allows you to improve your processes of data collection, management, and utilization. We help you collect data, create segmented campaigns and better manage user data to market effectively and close deals.

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