Collect & Distribute – Shuttle Makes Data Distribution Easier

What is Shuttle?

Developed to make data management, collection and distribution simple, Shuttle can accept data from any source and leverage real-time logic to send your data to any destination. And the proprietary data protection layer means you’ll never lose data and have the ability to resend it at any time.

Connect Anything to Anything

Our APIs enable data transfers from any source to any destination. Shuttle helps you get data to wherever it needs to be without limitations.

Know Your Leads, Know Your ROI

Conditional or logic-based routing in a drag-and-drop interface allows you to send leads to the right places at the right times without having to rely on a developer. Using the built-in power of Telescope Mini, Shuttle also gives you information on what your leads were doing on your site.

Never Lose a Lead

Shuttle has never lost a lead. In addition, every error is logged and the data is saved so you can resend failed data as needed.

Shuttle is for Everyone

Shuttle is a versatile tool that accomplishes different things for different roles and it will help you do your job more efficiently.


Get granular data on users before they convert

Track clicks on any page or element

Uniquely identify users

Append marketing data to any profile and send anywhere

Sales Ops

Easy to use with your CRM

Complements your data warehouse

Most actions can be completed without a developer

Data is saved before distribution

Resend or search for data at any time


Included form builder tool

Encrypted data

Standardize fields across all sources and destinations


No volume limits on data

Developer support is not required

Accept data from anywhere and send it to any destination

Real-time logic for simultaneous data distribution

Error logging and data re-sending

Easy-to-use form builder included

Drag-and-drop user interface

Built-in attribution and click path tracking tools

Envelope encryption to protect your data

And many more..


Supported integrations growing daily

Be In Control of Your Data

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