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Your website collects data on self-identified potential customers. The more effectively that data is distributed and analyzed, the better opportunity you have to convert that lead into a paying customer.


Managing lead flow from your website to your CRM and other destinations, our proprietary technology, Shuttle makes it easy to move data, in real time, from any number of inputs into unlimited destinations such as Salesforce, Slack, Email, standard webhook destinations and other applications. Shuttle also gives you the ability to track and view your website user data in detail that was previously unavailable – a feature we call Telescope Mini. With this level of granular tracking, you can now see the complete story of the user and exactly where to attribute customers.


We developed our software to work well with other technologies and products. We’ve found success working with certain programs and platforms and made sure to incorporate them into our business. We are usually in the upper echelon of users of the products we buy. Now, we want to share that expertise with you.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves in the development of business process management software and sales acceleration tools that answer the needs of actual businesses and have been proven worthy of your consideration in real-world in business situations. We look forward to learning how we can help you reach and exceed your business goals.

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