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Develop a Pardot implementation strategy for communication, rollout timeline, and business goals. We’ll help you execute the strategy to ensure team cohesiveness..

Marketing Automation Strategy

Create a marketing automation strategy that gives you the tools to create, deploy, track, and manage your online marketing campaigns. .

E-Mail Platform Migration

We’ll assist you in migrating your email environment without losing its integrity so you can continue to connect with customers through personalized, automated emails. .

Campaign Execution

Get more out of your marketing efforts by executing campaigns in Pardot. We’ll help you put together a cohesive plan for your connected and multi-attribution campaigns..

Lead Scoring & Grading

Automate your lead qualification process with scoring and grading to save time on manual quality checks, increase close rates, and improve sales and marketing alignment. .

Reporting Dashboards

Build standard reports and custom dashboards to surface the data that drives informed decisions. These key insights are crucial to your business success..

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Our Approach

Lunar strategizes with you to align your sales and marketing goals with Pardot for higher ROI, quality lead conversions, and more loyal customers.

  1. Get Started On the Right Foot

    Correct implementation of Pardot is imperative to work cohesively with your other technology products, like Salesforce. We make sure your technology is seamlessly integrated so you can offer the best customer experiences through email marketing.

  2. Customize and Automate

    By using Pardot’s automation tools to segment customers, you can now offer dynamic personalized content, move leads through a customized engagement program, and analyze behaviors to continuously offer the most relevant content at the right time.

  3. Increase Quality Leads

    Instead of handing off cold leads to your sales team, Pardot allows you to nurture leads to build brand awareness and move them along the customer journey. We build nurture programs that increase customer engagement to increase lead conversion.

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We’ll help you maximize your Pardot investment by integrating the essential tools you need to connect with your customers and build your business.

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