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Pardot is a marketing automation tool that integrates with the Salesforce platform. This tool perfects your lead generation workflow to attract high volumes of quality leads and strengthen your relationship with existing customers to build brand loyalty.

According to Salesforce, almost 80% of leads are lost to the “lead cemetery” because leads are exposed to the wrong content at the wrong time. Low-value leads are frustrating for marketers, who are creating campaign after campaign, and for sales who are wanting lots of hot leads but are only getting a few. Pardot solves this common problem through its marketing automation technology.

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Marketing Automation at Its Finest 

Email Marketing

Pardot allows you to create campaigns that move your customers along their sales cycle while understanding their needs each step of the way.  

  • Build emails quickly with responsive templates that also can be tested on multiple browsers to provide the best user experience
  • Automate engagement by creating nurturing campaigns with scheduled sends, and autoresponders for forms and landing pages
  • Provide personalized messaging that changes based on a leads engagement and automatically segment leads
  • Conduct A/B testing to gain deeper insights and use reading and SPAM filter checkups to ensure emails are reaching your prospects.

Lead Qualification

Identify which leads are hot, warm, and cold to send them to the appropriate sales rep or the next stage of their journey with personalized content.  

  • Use campaign tracking code to track a leads activity
  • Customize scoring/grading for your data to determine the type of lead
  • Utilize page actions & completion actions to identify when a particular action was taken 
  • Progressive Profiling – every time a lead lands on your site, new fields are displayed for a different “ask” will appear to prevent opt-in fatigue and also collect more data on that lead

Lead Generation

Keep leads flowing in by using Pardot’s forms, landing pages, and social connectors.

  • Landing page builder helps you create pages without needing a developer
  • Smart forms are easy to create and adds progressive profiling to collect new information during each interaction
  • Organic and paid search is easy to track by integrating Google Adwords
  • Social posting can be done directly from Pardot and lead interactions on campaigns are tracked

Lead Management

Know all of your leads, hot and cold, their needs, wants, and every interaction to move them along the appropriate journey.

  • Nurture leads through Pardot’s Engagement Studio using rules, triggers, and actions
  • Qualify leads by scoring interactions and objective grading
  • Segment and automate your lead lists
  • Provide dynamic content that makes messaging personalized with targeted offers and new information

Download a Free Lead Scoring & Grading Guide 

Sales Alignment

Pardot helps you align sales and marketing efforts while collecting and nurturing quality leads.

  • Leads can be dropped into nurturing tracks directly from your CRM
  • Receive real-time alerts to respond quickly to hot leads
  • Use the activity tracker to track every interaction and create relevant conversations
  • Pardot connects directly with Salesforce CRM to give sales access to customer insights

ROI Reporting

Allows you to create your own workflows and provides advanced reporting and analytics to gauge marketing tactics.

  • Measure campaign performance and analyze marketing efforts
  • Lifecycle reporting allows you to move your leads through the sales funnel to close more deals
  • Advanced reporting features like the SPAM analysis, rendering tests, and engagement reports help you to understand interactions
  • Connection to other tools like Google Analytics and Adwords allows you to see all of your data in one place

Interested In Learning How Pardot Matches Your Business Needs?

With Pardot, you can use the different features to manage your leads during each step of their customer journey. Connect with a consultant today to learn how Pardot can help you optimize your sales and marketing process.

Already Using Pardot? Learn How to Maximize Your Marketing Automation

Pardot offers numerous ways to automate your sales and marketing efforts. Are you customizing the lead grading and scoring feature, the engagement campaigns, or automation rules? Connect with a consultant today to get the most out of these features and more from Pardot.

Companies Experience Real Growth with Pardot  

These testimonials are from Pardot's Customer Success Stories

“Switching to Salesforce Pardot helped Amazon Marketplace support 4x more email volume and 2x more users in under a year.”

Elliot Pearl-Sacks, Product Manager at Amazon Marketplace


Email Volume Increase


Average Open Rate

Pardot has become the backbone of everything we do. It allows us to truly understand our customer and build deep, meaningful relationships with them.

-Brian McKenzie, VP of B2B Marketing at Ticketmaster 

“100% of our everyday sales efforts and marketing decisions are based on Pardot and Salesforce”

- Roy Keely, VP of Market Strategy at Xcentric


Increased lead generation via the web


ROI Boost with First Pardot Campaign

“We want to have a closer connection with our customers than any other CPG company on the planet. That’s the only way we’ll continue to create products they really love, and we couldn’t do that without Salesforce and Pardot.

- Sam McBride, Co-Owner of RXBAR

You Can Experience Growth Too

Reach more customers where they are and offer meaningful engagements.

Who is Pardot For?

Pardot caters to companies that have a sales and marketing process in need of automating redundant tasks and accelerate their lead generation efforts. Generally, Pardot is the best option for teams who need complex rule-automating capabilities, lead qualification, and email nurture programs. Pardot is the ideal solution for companies that rely on their sales team to close deals.  


Marketers use Pardot to streamline their marketing efforts, save time on lead generation tactics, customize nurture email newsletters, and run marketing campaigns.

Sales & Business Development

Sales teams use Pardot receive quality leads. Prospects are qualified and scored, alerting Sales of the hottest leads so they can take the appropriate actions to increase conversions.

Lead Generators

Lead generators love Pardot's ability to create custom landing pages, opt-in forms, and the use of campaign tracking to log each interaction.

Not Sure if Pardot is for You?

 Get Started on the Right Foot from the Beginning  

Certified Pardot Consultants set up your new marketing automation tool for success while strategizing ways to engage your prospects and increase conversions. 

1. Ensure your technical setup is done properly:

Email Authentication

Prevent emails from going to SPAM folders and keeps email deliverability high allowing your email to make it to the prospects inboxes.

Salesforce-Pardot connector

Arrange prospect data to be sent between Salesforce and Pardot — if you want to align sales and marketing this is extremely important.


Fields and Users Setup

 Ensure the correct data is being collected and sent to the appropriate person to take the next step.

2. Identify opportunities for automation to save inside sales time with managing leads and emailing cold leads or new leads. 


Automation Rules

Build an automated process for your Sales Cycle to maximize time and effort using predefined rules.


Lead Scoring & Grading

Don't waste time on qualifying leads, let Pardot do that for you through its in-depth lead scoring capabilities.


Engagement Campaigns

Creating newsletters and engagement tracks that do the work for you by setting up triggers and actions.

3. Strategize and align your business process with lead generation to nurture and convert leads


4. Ensure emails are sent to the correct leads with the right message at the proper time to provide optimal value.


Ready to Get Started?

 How We Help   

Pardot Implementation

We fully understand every detail of Pardot’s tools and features – from marketing to sales strategy – so we can implement this software to best match your specific needs. Our hands-on experience with marketing automation results in a system that works smoothly; tied together with the reliable support we’re known for.


Data Migration

Our data and content migration strategy begins with an analysis of existing and suggested lead generation strategy. Then we use that strategy to create recommendations for implementation in Pardot. Another thing that sounds simple, but even a small error can cause devastating results. You want an experienced hand at the wheel.


Once we’ve developed and recommended a scalable way of organizing your business’s data and assets in Pardot, we analyze the data in their Reports to make recommendations for system optimization.


Not only do we use the reports for optimization, we’ll share with you the tools for in-depth reporting to give your marketing team insight on marketing return on investment and the information to make data-driven decisions. We’ll also make sure you are maximizing its benefits with analytics connectors, paid search reporting and more.

Third-Party Integrations

We can recommend marketing tools to use to strengthen your Pardot investment. Once we’ve determined what you need, for example Salesforce, we’ll make sure that Pardot integrations are properly executed for easy data sharing across platforms.


Lead Grading and Scoring

We can help you prioritize the leads coming through Pardot. All your incoming leads can be matched to your ideal customer profile by criteria such as location, industry, job title, and company size. You can even score leads by how interested they are in your product or service. This level of customizable Pardot consulting can save your sales team time and improve conversions.

Get Your Free Lead Grading & Scoring Guide

Learn the difference between lead grading and lead scoring and how they work together to score leads based on implicit buying signals. The guide also includes a Pardot scoring cheat sheet to get you started!

Qualify and convert more leads. 

Our Approach

With Lunar on your Pardot team, you’ll generate more qualified leads, excel at prioritizing your future customers, and appropriately nurture those leads until they are ready to close. Based in Orlando, we proudly work with Florida-based businesses. We have also experienced much success working with companies outside of Florida. Regardless of where you are, we can help you take your marketing automation to the next level.

In all aspects of implementing Pardot, our team drives the project to your definition of success: generating and qualifying sales leads, shortening sales cycles and proving marketing accountability, or whatever unique goals you may have. We’ll make sure you have the data to manage the entire lifecycle of your leads.

Unlock the Potential of Pardot

All too often, companies purchase Pardot, and it sits there waiting to be used to its full potential. Don’t let this happen to you; a consultant can strategize with you to align your sales and marketing goals using Pardot for higher ROI, conversions, and more loyal customers.

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