Which of the Three Pardot Pricing Plans Is Best for You?

Which Pardot Plan Does My Business Need?

Pardot is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing automation and lead management software. Its features include:

  • Email marketing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Sales intelligence
  • CRM integration
  • Lead management
  • Social media marketing
  • ROI reporting

Comparing Pardot Editions

When considering Pardot marketing automation for your business, you will have a choice of three plans: Standard, Pro, and Ultimate. Which of the Pardot editions is the best fit for your operation? First, let’s take a look at your choices.


Price – $1,250/month +

Contacts – Up to 10,000


  • File Hosting: 100 MB
  • Automation Rules: 50
  • In-depth Prospect Tracking
  • Lead Nurturing & Email Marketing
  • Lead Duplication
  • Lead Scoring & Grading
  • ROI Reporting
  • Forms & Landing Pages
  • Standard CRM Integration


Price – $2,500/month +

Contacts – Up to 10,000

Features – All Growth features, plus:

  • File Hosting: 500 MB
  • Automation Rules: 100
  • Advanced Email Analytics
  • Email Rendering Preview & Spam Analysis
  • Email and Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Advanced Dynamic Content
  • Google AdWords Integration
  • API Access – Up to 25K calls/day and 5 concurrent connections
  • Integrated Marketing Calendar
  • Multi-touch attribution models
  • Social Profiling & Lookups


Price – $4,000/month +

Contacts – Up to 10,000

Features – All Plus features, plus:

  • File Hosting: 10 GB
  • Automation Rules: 150
  • Custom User Roles and Permissions
  • Custom Object Integration
  • API Access – Up to 100K calls/day and 5 concurrent connections
  • Dedicated IP Address


Pick Your Plan by Your Business Size

Pardot Standard and Pro plans are typically for small to medium businesses (SMB). Smaller businesses are defined as having fewer than 100 employees, while medium business having between 100 to 999 employees. The Ultimate plan is recommended for larger companies of 1,000 or more employees. Pardot pricing and features are adjusted to those categories.

4 Reasons to Update Your Pardot Package

We know the number of employees you have is not enough information to recommend a marketing automation solution. Every business is unique with very different requirements, so Lunar recommends completing a thorough assessment of your needs before you choose a plan.

When you’re done, carefully compare your needs to Pardot’s offerings. As business technology consultants who work with Pardot every day, we think some of the best features of the program are included in the Pro and Ultimate editions:

  1. A/B Testing – Pardot A/B testing allows you to change various elements of your emails or landing pages, and then see direct data results. With the data from A/B testing, you can increase open rates, click-through rates and conversions.
  2. Email Rendering & Spam Analysis – Pardot’s email rendering allows you to see how your emails will appear in different browsers and on multiple devices. Also, the spam analysis feature will test your email against popular spam filters and provide recommendations if your email will likely trigger one.
  3. Integrated Marketing Calendar – The Pardot Marketing Calendar gives you a high-level view of activity in your marketing automation system. With the ability to see the past, present and scheduled activities from emails to social posts in one place, you and your marketing team will be more efficient and productive.
  4. Dynamic Content – Pardot’s dynamic content allows you to personalize prospect and client communications, including landing pages, forms, and emails. It is a particularly effective feature for adding a level of personalization throughout an email to build brand loyalty and increase conversions.

What’s the Next Step?

Before committing to Pardot – or any marketing software – you need to evaluate your needs. At Lunar, we have a proven discovery process that will ensure your investment in any marketing automation is appropriate from both a budgetary and performance perspective.

Once we understand your operation, we can help you achieve your objectives. Which Pardot plan does your business need? Contact Lunar today so we can guide you through your next steps.

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