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Maximize the Capability of Pardot for Your Business

Our Approach

With Lunar on your Pardot team, you’ll generate more qualified leads, excel at prioritizing your future customers, and properly nurture those leads until they are ready to close.

In all aspects of implementing Pardot, our team drives the project to your definition of success: generating and qualifying sales leads, shortening sales cycles and proving marketing accountability, or whatever unique goals you may have. We’ll make sure you have the data to manage the entire lifecycle of your leads.

What We Offer

Pardot Implementation

We fully understand every detail of Pardot’s tools and features – from marketing to sales strategy – so we can implement this software to best match your specific needs. Our hands-on experience with marketing automation results in a system that works smoothly; tied together with the reliable support we’re known for.


Lead Grading and Scoring

We can help you prioritize the leads coming through Pardot. All your incoming leads can be matched to your ideal customer profile by criteria such as location, industry, job title, and company size. You can even score leads by how interested they are in your product or service. This level of customizable Pardot consulting can save your sales team time and improve conversions.


Data Migration

Our data and content migration strategy begins with an analysis of existing and suggested lead generation strategy. Then we use that strategy to create recommendations for implementation in Pardot. Another thing that sounds simple, but even a small error can cause devastating results. You want an experienced hand at the wheel.


Once we’ve developed and recommended a scalable way of organizing your business’s data and assets in Pardot, we analyze the data in their Reports to make recommendations for system optimization.


Not only do we use the reports for optimization, we’ll set up your Pardot reporting to give your marketing team insight on marketing return on investment and the information to make data-driven decisions. We’ll also make sure you are maximizing its benefits with analytics connectors, paid search reporting and more.

Third-Party Integrations

We can recommend marketing tools to use to strengthen your Pardot investment. Once we’ve determined what you need, for example Salesforce, we’ll make sure that Pardot integrations are properly executed for easy data sharing across platforms.

Marketing Automation Made Easy With Pardot

Discover how you can reach and exceed your business objectives by pairing the power of Pardot with Lunar’s customized consulting approach.
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