Lunar Study finds 92% of Consumers Prefer Texting and Email Communication to Phone Calls

Texting is a widely accepted and expected form of business communication, but the method is underutilized

ORLANDO, Fla. – April 17, 2019 – A new consumer survey shows a missed opportunity for businesses: while the majority of people approve of receiving text messages from businesses and salespeople, only 60% have recently received communications from businesses in this way. Additionally, only 8% of people would prefer a call upon first direct contact from a business, with the trend holding up regardless of age.

The results were released as part of a Sales Communication Survey from Lunar, a Salesforce consulting and SaaS technology company dedicated to automating and integrating technology to get more out of a business’s existing sales and marketing.

The results found that regardless of age demographic, the voicemail is dead – meaning it’s not just millennials who are busy killing the old standards.

The survey highlights include:

  • 92% of people prefer texts or emails from a business or salesperson
  • 94% of people find voicemail to the be the least convenient way to communicate
  • No matter the age demographic, most consumers approve of receiving texts from businesses, but only 60% had received one in the last three months
  • People aged 45-60 preferred texts to other forms of communication at a higher rate than those aged 18-29
  • Respondents 30 and older were more likely to have received a text from a business than their younger adult counterparts

“Our mobile devices live even less in our pockets and more now as an extension of our hands,” said Jon Robinson, president at Lunar. “The information we uncovered in our research confirms that texting is widely accepted as a way for businesses to communicate regardless of customer demographics, but businesses are underutilizing it – especially in a P2P capacity.”

Lunar recently developed Uplink, the first and only communication tool that allows sales teams to reach customers directly from their phone’s text messaging app and visualize conversations in Salesforce automatically without downloading a third-party app. While other tools restrict texting communications to the desktop, Uplink automatically recognizes business-related text messages on a user’s device and logs them in Salesforce. Organizations can then own the exchanges between their employees and customers while giving time and convenience back to the salesperson.

“Uplink allows salespeople to reach consumers where they are – their phones. We’re working in a data-driven world, and ensuring the valuable conversations between salespeople and their customers and prospects are logged and able to be actioned off of will drive organizations to greater levels of efficiency,” said Robinson.

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Lunar automates and integrates technology to get more out of a business’s existing sales and marketing. Focused on revolutionizing the way businesses function through technology, Lunar provides expertise in CRM, marketing automation, platform integration and application development to produce the most efficient processes to meet client needs. Lunar combines consulting services with its own SaaS products, such as Uplink, a communication tool that allows sales teams to reach customers directly from their phone’s text messaging app and visualize conversations in Salesforce. Guided by its core value of “Expect the Moon,” Lunar has built a company culture that exceeds and defies expectations, and empowers both employees and customers with knowledge and tools to succeed. For more information, please visit

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