Lunar Launches Text Messaging Integration with SmartAdvocate

Texting tool Uplink integrates with SmartAdvocate to give law firms text message visibility

ORLANDO, Fla. – June 25, 2019 Lunar, a Salesforce consulting and SaaS technology company that automates and integrates technology to get more out of a business’s existing sales and marketing, today announces the integration of its CRM texting solution, Uplink, with SmartAdvocate, the award-winning legal case management system designed for personal injury and mass tort litigation practices.

As a SmartAdvocate Integration Partner, Lunar’s Uplink allows law firms to utilize the convenience of communicating with clients via text message, but do it safely and securely. Text messaging is increasingly the preferred medium for communications among the general public, with emails receiving a 20% open rate compared to text messages’ 98% open rate. Additionally, according to Lunar’s research, 94% find voicemails the least convenient way to communicate. As a result, law firms are turning to text messaging to better communicate with clients, and document those conversations.

“Using Uplink, our firm is able to collect documentation, complete investigations and process cases faster,” said Yehia Said, director of business operations at Weitz & Luxenberg, a law firm providing legal services to the wrongfully injured nationwide. “Each of Lunar’s innovations has given our firm a competitive edge, and Lunar found another way to make our operations more efficient with Uplink.”

Uplink’s benefits for the legal industry include:

  • No change in workflow – With Uplink’s seamless integration, text messages and phone calls show as notes in SmartAdvocate files automatically. Users simply send a text or make a call as they normally would using their cell phone.
  • Increased visibility – Leveraging Uplink’s auto-logging capabilities, all attorneys and paralegals working on a case can see in SmartAdvocate any communication that has occurred.
  • Recover unbilled communication with clients – Undocumented interaction with a client via call or text could be costing a law firm hundreds or thousands of dollars. Users can accurately track time spent calling and texting from personal cell phones with Uplink’s reports and dashboards.
  • Relationship ownership – Uplink allows assigned phone numbers to be instantly reassigned to another staff member’s cell phone if an employee is on vacation or leaves the firm.
  • Personal phone number privacy – Uplink allows users to call or text clients directly from their cell phone without exposing their personal number, eliminating the need to have a second phone for privacy reasons.

“Text messaging is the preferred method of communication for most people, and law firms utilizing this channel via Uplink have found they can process twice the caseload with the same resources,” said Jon Robinson, president at Lunar. “We’ve worked with clients in the legal industry since our founding, and partnering with SmartAdvocate to offer this integration will enable us to better serve the industry.”

Learn more about Uplink’s integration with SmartAdvocate at

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Lunar automates and integrates technology to get more out of a business’s existing sales and marketing. Focused on revolutionizing the way businesses function through technology, Lunar provides expertise in Salesforce, marketing automation, and application development to produce the most efficient processes to meet client needs. Lunar combines consulting services with its own SaaS products, such as Uplink, a communication tool that allows sales teams automatically log business-related text messages and phone calls, and TicketBeam, a tool that integrates ticketing platform data and Salesforce to enable users to take action off of customer data. Guided by its core value of “Expect the Moon,” Lunar has built a company culture that exceeds and defies expectations, and empowers both employees and customers with knowledge and tools to succeed. For more information, please visit

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