Why Law Firms Need to Track Text Message Conversations with Clients

In the legal world, there’s a perfect storm brewing. With bar restrictions weakening in recent years allowing lawyers to more freely use text messages to communicate, more people glued to their smartphones than ever, and text messaging proving to be a preferred communication method compared to phone calls and emails, text messages can take your practice to new levels of productivity and collaboration.

Let’s dust off the legal speak and explore why your law firm should be incorporating text messaging into your practice’s client interactions.

Why do law firms need to track text messages?

Whether you’re a boutique firm with only a handful of clients or an international practice with hundreds of accounts, text messaging holds immense value for communicating with clients and engaging prospects. But the texts themselves are just one aspect of this powerful communication opportunity. Your law firm needs the right platforms in place to ensure text messages are leading to increased caseloads, improved document collection, and expedited investigations, and these processes can all be enhanced by tracking these interactions and making them available to your teams.

At a granular level, here are some reasons why your law firm should be tracking all text conversations across your practice areas:

  • Firm-wide collaboration: Tracking text messages with a client enables the entire legal team working on their case to review these communications, instead of siloing information to one or two team members. 
  • Recover unbilled communications: If your practice relies on billable hours to generate revenues, text messages are ideal for keeping tabs on billable hours by logging conversations that would otherwise never be recorded.
  • Never miss a conversation: With the right tools to track all text conversations, your firm will always have access to mission-critical information to support your caseload. Should one of your attorneys be away on vacation or leave the practice altogether,  you’ll have past messages on record to share with incoming team members to avoid further disruptions to casework. 
  • Improve your client intake process: By adding text messages into the mix along with traditional emails, phone calls, or referrals, your law firm can expand the ways you connect with potential clients. Regardless of where your new clients are located, you can reach them via text to facilitate fast onboarding.

How to Track Texts in Your Law Firm

Now that you understand the value of tracking text messages across your law firm, how should your practice start recording these conversations? SmartAdvocate is a popular case management system specifically designed for the legal industry, and paired with Uplink, a texting solution designed to help law firms increase their sales opportunities, your attorneys and paralegals can access auto-logged conversations directly in SmartAdvocate to keep updated on every aspect of their cases.

With a SmartAdvocate-Uplink integration, your law firm can also:

  • Avoid disrupted workflows: Your team of attorneys and paralegals don’t need to utilize a third-party messaging application or another device to text and call clients and prospects. 
  • Track unbilled communications: Whether your team is speaking with clients on the phone or texting them directly, Uplink records all of these interactions in SmartAdvocate with easy-to-use dashboards to regain lost revenues.
  • Easily reassign numbers: In case of a team member change, you can reassign numbers to new team members to take over casework communications.

Uplink also integrates with Salesforce CRM for tracking of communication with prospective clients. If you’ve been searching for ways to extend the hours in the day without overextending your attorneys, paralegals, and other team members, text messages can open a new world of possibilities to strengthen relationships with clientele, improve document collection processes, and increase revenues by generating new casework. The proliferation of smartphones means that your attorneys are already likely texting with clients. Are you ready to start tracking these conversations to take full advantage of these interactions?

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