How to Delight Your Customers: Lessons from Invoca Summit

It is no surprise that meeting customers needs and wants is crucial for every business. But how are you doing this? We, at Lunar, learned a great deal about creating and delivering delightful experiences at the Invoca Summit last week. This post is inspired by all of the sessions and keynote speakers this year.

“All companies are subscription based companies,” says Amit Ajuji, VP of Adobe. Whether that is the pricing model for individual companies or not, all companies must invest in building long-term relationships with consumers. Not only that, but you also need to maintain those relationships to keep them coming back. Consumers are not less patient than they were ten years ago, we as marketers, are taxing their patience more often. So how do we combat this to make sure our customers are happy… all the time?

Read on to learn specific ways to gauge the experiences you provide and how to provide delightful ones.

4 Principles to Deliver Delightful Experiences … Every Time

Know Thy Customer

A part of every marketing strategy is researching your target audience. Do you have a clear picture of your target audience? What are their greatest challenges? How can you empathetically understand their needs? As marketers, we must “seek first to understand, then seek to be understood.” Our customers expect us to know them well enough to tailor products to their needs, interests, and wants. They also expect advertising to be relevant to them, however, 96% of consumers are actually being delivered the wrong advertisement. That sounds like a lot of wasted money and effort on the wrong audience! Take it back to the basics. When was the last time you updated your customer personas based on the data you have been collecting? If it has been a while, consider revisiting these documents and see how you can improve your customer experience. 

A Consistent Voice Moves The Needle

This sounds like common sense, I know, but it is often overlooked. Our consumers interact with us and expect their interactions to be consistent — across all channels and mediums. So how does this translate to your marketing efforts? From marketing campaigns to customer success emails, your voice must be the same. Great examples of brand consistency are Slack and Helpdocs. Website copy for Helpdocs, for example, generally has a humorous and very personable tone. Their emails and social channels also convey the same personality. Check out the image below taken from their Twitter feed — “nice and snugly” sums up their personable company voice. 

Help doc Social personality

Build Technology Intuitively

What steps are you going through to make your technology intuitive? An intuitive design allows your technology to be transparent — no hidden portals or unclear steps to perform an action. This can increase your user adoption and retention rates. Eight Steps to Intuitive Design and How to Create an Intuitive Design are great reads to assess and possibly fine-tune your design process.

Delightful Experiences During Every Interaction 

This sounds like a hard feat, but is it really? With tools that use artificial intelligence, like Invoca’s Signal AI and Salesforce’s Einstein, you now have more consumer data at your fingertips than ever before. Pairing this consumer data with user research and customer feedback can improve your product offerings. Remember, we don’t know what we don’t know. How can you add more features if you don’t understand how customers interact with the existing features of your product? The recent product updates from Invoca are a great example of taking customer feedback and user research to improve their own product. On the same token, user research can be applied to other aspects of your business. Conducting A/B tests on your website, products, and marketing campaigns can guide your next steps. Delightful experiences can be measured and tracked, so be sure to use your data to provide pleasant interactions with your brand.

5 Step Recipe for Providing Delightful Experiences

Fill in the Dots About Your Customers

Use what you know about customers and meet them where they are. This mindset applies to your product, marketing, and customer success. It goes along with “Know Thy Customer.” Your customers’ needs and wants will evolve, how are you going to keep up with them?

Designing for Scale

How are you improving quickly while ensuring you can continue to scale the product’s offerings? On average, what is the turnaround time for product features and updates? How are you building products to ensure they can scale up? These are great questions to ask along with a few core areas to focus on as shared in an article titled, “Scaling Design as the Company Grows.

The Consumer Journey is Fast. Keep Up!

With so much marketing content out there, consumers are being bombarded with information. Think about how much product marketing you interact with on a daily basis. To combat this overload, we need to maximize the time visitors and customers spend with our offerings. They expect fast, and we must give it to them. Landing pages, emails, and products all should have responsive and quick loading times.

Integrate and Improve

One of the most common business challenges is that data doesn’t always make sense. To fix this issue, consider integrating your technology stack, so the data transfer seamlessly from one system to the next. We actually developed Shuttle to distribute data from sources to destinations in a snap. It addresses the common problem of “data wrangling” and “data cleansing” by gathering the required data, standardizing the fields, and moving it along to where you need it most.

Make Your Company Values Known

Now, more than ever, consumers are wary of brands and are beginning to look past the products or services themselves. They want to know who we are. Who is this company that I am about to invest in? What are your company values? Are these clearly known to your consumers? We at Lunar wanted to give back to our community in some way and joined Pledge 1% as a result. We give one percent of our time to our community. What do you stand behind?

Our biggest takeaway from Invoca Summit is that many companies are still using technology in silos. Their data is not working for them like it should, hindering their ability to fully delight their customers. Is your company in this boat? Data should be flowing easily between technologies and used effectively to provide delightful experiences at every turn. 

Connect with us if you need help integrating your technology stack, we are here for you! 

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