4 Event Highlights from Florida Dreamin’ 2018

Florida is home to a thriving community of Salesforce evangelists. Lucky for us, the amazing and helpful Florida Dreamin’ team put together an event that is one we won’t forget! It offered the perfect atmosphere to connect with other trailblazers, learn about new products, and understand how to tailor customer experiences. From new tools to uplifting your community, check out the highlights below from FLD18!

Florida Dreamin Team and Booth

Common Barriers to Success

We learned that there are significant barriers to success that you and your company should be aware of — all surrounding user adoption. The most shocking but understandable statistic is that 70% of CRM projects fail due to a lack of user adoption according to CSO Insights.

That’s why Lunar exists. We provide consulting from start to finish and educate users, like you, along the way. To complement our consulting, we have created products that are easy to use and can be adopted across your organization. The first product is Shuttle, a data distribution tool we have used to connect marketing tools, like Invoca, to Salesforce while gaining customer insights to guide our marketing efforts. Check out our FLD18 session presentation presented by our President, Jon Robinson, to see how Shuttle helps you calculate ROI from lead generation efforts.

Did you know that 32% of sales people have to spend at least an hour on manually entering data? How tedious! At Florida Dreamin’ we participated (and won!) the demo jam where we showed off (humbly, of course) our latest product, Uplink. A sales enablement tool that allows you to text directly from your phone and captures the messages in Salesforce for you. No manual data entry required!

Check out our 5 minute Uplink demo

Tools & Products to Know About

Events are always a great place to learn firsthand about new tools and products that help your company become more efficient and grow. Below are a few that you should know about!

  • Get Feedback – measure your customers’ satisfaction during each step of the customer journey by providing quick and brand-consistent surveys that can be embedded into your emails. Results connect with Salesforce so you don’t have to manual enter specific contact results.
  • Elements.cloud Catalyst – Easily clean up your Salesforce org and see an overview of fields, descriptions, and notes used. This tool helps you build process maps and data flow diagrams, configure documentation and more.  
  • Introhive – a relationship data science platform for CRM’s that increase user adoption and provides insights about clients and prospects. We learned during their demo, that you can update client and contact records by pulling in data from emails and other sources. You also can collect and organize communication between your company, customers, and prospects.
  • Lighting Inspector Chrome Extension – A Google Chrome DevTool that helps you to debug server interactions, test fault tolerances of your app, and identify performance issues.

Lastly, stay on the lookout for the Salesforce Trailhead mobile app! The closing keynote at FLD18 by Chris Duarte generated a lot of excitement for Trailhead and she shared that the mobile app is on its way. Once that is released, we will be able to learn on the go and rack up those badges!

Think Like a Customer

]Overall, the sessions were mostly focused on improving customer journeys and user experiences. With that in mind, from an application development standpoint, it is important to create proper user stories and documentation prior to starting on projects to save time and reduce the need to rebuild. Likewise, asking more questions so that you can eliminate unconscious bias in the design process is a must!

This mindset also works for your email marketing customer journeys, as we learned in the session by Carrie Smith from Pardot. You can create engagement programs in Pardot tailored to customer actions and offer dynamic content that will encourage them to take action.

The Power of Community

Like all Salesforce events, you can feel the positive impact that the sense of community has on a group of people. FLD18 was no different! Trailblazers, new and experienced, shared how they got started with Salesforce and how they have used tools like the partner community and trailhead to get ahead in their careers. The sky is the limit with Salesforce

Aside from personal growth, organizations like PepUp Tech are making an impact by ensuring others are growing too. PepUp Tech is encouraging students from ages 4 and up to learn Salesforce and technology skills that will provide them with more access to job opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Knowledge is power, and PepUp Tech is giving that to students around the country through afterschool programs, virtual classes, and summer camps. Check out their site to learn more about how you can give back!

The Florida Dreamin’ team went above and beyond to bring the Florida Salesforce community together. We applaud their efforts and were so impressed with the turnout, unlimited Starbucks coffee, and the speaker sessions! For an inaugural event, it sure did surpass expectations and we can’t wait for the event next year – September 2019. See you next time!

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