How to Find a Great Salesforce Partner

Salesforce enables businesses of all types to increase sales, strengthen relationships with customers, and boost their profits. The key with maximizing the customer relationship management (CRM) system is customizing the platform to meet your company’s unique industry and business needs. Given the potential complexities required to achieve such a goal, a Salesforce partner can be a valuable resource to ensure your organization takes full advantage of any and all future updates and optimizations that will strengthen your sales and marketing teams’ productivity.  

How a Salesforce Partner Can Help

A Salesforce partner is one way your business can optimize your Salesforce CRM in a variety of ways. These service providers can handle all of your company’s initial Salesforce implementation, all subsequent administrative and maintenance tasks, add any new features or third-party integrations to your CRM, and customize the system to your unique specifications. By relying on a Salesforce partner to handle all of these tasks, you ensure your sales and marketing teams only ever focus on utilizing the CRM for their daily activities so they avoid the hassle of maintaining the platform and trying to complete any integrations on their own, the latter of which can lead to unnecessary complications for end-user groups to overcome. Salesforce consulting partners can also help your team in a more strategic sense by recommending improvements to sales processes, not just technology.

Desired Qualities of a Salesforce Partner

Not all Salesforce partners are cut from the same cloth and deliver the same results to their customers. If you plan on adopting Salesforce in the near future, or if your company wants to free up internal resources to maintain your current CRM instance more effectively, your organization should keep the following traits in mind to ensure you select a reputable service provider ready to tackle all of your Salesforce-related requirements. 

Strong Reputation

A brand’s reputation is a defining characteristic of any type of business, and an effective barometer to measure how a Salesforce partner has assisted customers leverage the CRM. Some questions your company should ask yourself when reviewing different services providers include:

  • Have they worked with similar clients to your business?
  • Do they offer relevant case studies detailing how they’ve helped customers with their Salesforce systems?
  • Do they have any customer testimonials present on their website solidifying their Salesforce-related brand authority?

Highly Analytical

Prior to adopting Salesforce and even after the CRM is implemented, it will be critical for you company to avoid any inefficiencies that will impact your sales and marketing teams’ workflows. A highly analytical Salesforce partner can identify any gaps with the current setup that will impact productivity and quickly resolve the issue. A knowledgeable partner is especially important if your organization lacks experience with Salesforce and CRM systems in general, helping your business avoid repetitive tasks, improve data collection and management processes, and train your end-user groups to expedite adoption and utilization of the system. 

Comprehensive Services

When adopting and maintaining a technology platform, your company may consider taking two approaches. You could work with multiple services providers to handle different facets of your Salesforce instance, or you could partner with just one business for all your CRM-related needs. A Salesforce consultant with a comprehensive suite of services can be a one-stop shop for all your implementation, integration, and customization demands, boosting efficiency so you won’t have to go through multiple partners to address different pain points. This partner should also have expertise in working with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other 3rd-party tools in the cloud that will enhance your overall experience and extend the usage of the CRM. 

Locally Based vs. Remote

Technology makes it possible for businesses to communicate regardless of location, but when it comes to adopting and maintaining something as important as a CRM system, your company may want to look closely at a Salesforce partner’s vicinity to avoid any complications that could require on-site assistance. With a partner who’s available locally, your organization won’t have to constantly work around scheduling meetings to fit different time zones and can easily receive in-person trainings and support whenever needed. 

Focused on Best Practices

A good partner can implement your Salesforce and Marketing Cloud technology needs without any challenges. They will have a technology-first focus which will provide your company a foundation on which to build. 

Comparatively, a great partner takes a best practices driven approach and will focus first on learning your current processes and building an encompassing technology solution to facilitate and improve those processes. This partner will provide your team with expertise that encompasses all sales enablement tools (like an SMS CRM integration)and educate your team on sales and marketing best practices that will ultimately drive more success for your business over the long term.

Could Lunar be Your Salesforce Partner?

Salesforce is the standard by which all CRM systems are measured, and the platform increased its global market share in 2018 more than the other top 15 vendors in this market combined. If your company wants to join the thousands of companies taking their sales and marketing campaigns to the next level, a reputable Salesforce partner can help you achieve this goal.

If you’re planning to look for a Salesforce partner, there are several ways your business can begin that process:

  • Ask current Salesforce users for a referral 
  • Attend Salesforce conferences to speak directly with partners
  • Search online to find partners who support your company’s specific industry and business requirements

Want to see if Lunar is the right Salesforce Partner for you? Request a consultation so we can discuss your Salesforce implementation and data migration processes, customization and automation needs, and how we can minimize any inefficiencies that may impact your teams’ workflows. Get in touch today.

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