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Our Partners

Our Trusted Partners Are Some of the Sharpest Tools in Our Tool Kit

Our trusted partners bring a lot to the table. We would not be in the position we are in without them.

Launch That

Lunar grew from a department of Launch That, a digital marketing company recognized for building a network of highly successful businesses and websites.

As Launch That and its network grew, the company was unable to find suitable software on the market to support its needs. So, Launch That made its own software. The Launch That team responsible for developing and evolving these products and services to support internal processes was then established as its own business – Lunar.

Lunar brings years of Launch That expertise working in a variety of industries, combined with a singular focus on expanding your business using technology.

About Us

Lunar is a business problem solver with a full tool box of solutions. Our specialty is creating plans that use the best products and services available to help you reach your short-term and long-term business goals. Want to know more about us? We’re an open book.