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How to Delight Your Customers: Lessons from Invoca Summit

It is no surprise that meeting customers needs and wants is crucial for every business. But how are you doing this? We, at Lunar, learned a great deal about creating and delivering delightful experiences at the Invoca Summit last week. This post is inspired by all of the sessions and keynote speakers this year. “All […]

Florida Dreamin Team and Booth

4 Event Highlights from Florida Dreamin’ 2018

Florida is home to a thriving community of Salesforce evangelists. Lucky for us, the amazing and helpful Florida Dreamin’ team put together an event that is one we won’t forget! It offered the perfect atmosphere to connect with other trailblazers, learn about new products, and understand how to tailor customer experiences. From new tools to […]

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Why Embracing Technology is a Requirement for your Business

It is no secret that technology is rapidly changing how businesses function day to day. With the ability to quickly produce, test, iterate, and scale or pivot, companies of all sizes are experiencing the truth behind “Every Business is a Software Business.” Whether your company sells products or services, technology is an essential piece to […]

The Importance of Redundancy and Why It’s Important

At Lunar, we’ve never lost a lead. How? By embracing data redundancy. We’ve all heard the adage that “knowledge is power,” and in our experience, most companies have no knowledge of how many leads they are losing. It could be one, it could be hundreds. At Lunar, we’ve found that when leads are of high-value […]

Shuttle Pieces of Data dashboard

From Tool to Product – How UX Shaped Shuttle’s Evolution

The product evolution of Shuttle, our data management, collection and distribution product that provides users with the ability to manage their data’s entire journey, began as a tool to meet the internal needs of our parent company, Launch That. The tool was incredibly successful in its ability to capture granular data of leads and distribute […]