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Jim Kenney

The Complicated Relationship Between Text Messages and Public Record Laws

Texting is ubiquitous. By the mid-2000s, it had practically become the de facto form of communication for the Digital Age, largely facilitated by the mobile boom and the subsequent smartphone wars. According to GSMA Intelligence, more than 5 billion people worldwide have a cell phone subscription. To put that into perspective, nearly 65 percent of […]

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Top 4 Marketing Tips from Invoca Summit

Invoca Summit had an impressive line up of speakers from companies like Google, Adobe, and Forrester highlighting innovations and trends in the marketing and product world. Below are a few tips from the summit that all companies can take action on now. Take Advantage of AI technologies Artificial Intelligence is a dream come true for […]

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How to Delight Your Customers: Lessons from Invoca Summit

It is no surprise that meeting customers needs and wants is crucial for every business. But how are you doing this? We, at Lunar, learned a great deal about creating and delivering delightful experiences at the Invoca Summit last week. This post is inspired by all of the sessions and keynote speakers this year. “All […]