6 Reasons Why You Need a SMS CRM Integration

In an age when so many people are glued to their smartphones, sales teams have an opportunity to have one-to-one conversations with prospects and current customers to close deals at a faster rate. The key with leveraging text messaging as a sales tool is having a successful SMS CRM integration that empowers sales teams to utilize this effective communication channel in intuitive ways.

Despite the boundless potential of text messaging as a way to increase sales opportunities, many businesses haven’t tapped into this channel to engage their targeted audiences. Here are six reasons why your business should start incorporating text messaging with your sales process and CRM.

1. Automatically Log Conversations in Your CRM

Sales teams shouldn’t have their days negatively impacted by tedious tasks that take time away from connecting with their prospects and customers. When employees have to manually log conversations in a CRM, they are doing just that, and this added step unnecessarily disrupts salespeople’s workflows.

When any manual processes enter an equation, there’s also a likelihood that valuable information can be lost or poorly communicated to other team members because of human error. It’s commonplace for phone calls and emails to be automatically logged in a CRM. Why not do the same for text conversations with a successful SMS CRM integration? When texts are logged automatically, you won’t need to worry about partial or inaccurate data in the CRM.

2. Better Visualize Conversations in Lead and Contact Records

By integrating text messaging with a CRM, sales teams can easily monitor how employees are interacting with prospects through this communication channel. This capability is ideal for sales managers who want to provide feedback to reps about how they’re engaging prospects to improve future sales opportunities. A platform that allows sales reps to text customers and prospects without requiring the use of a third-party messaging app is most valuable for such targeted outreach.

When considering the visualization advantages of an SMS CRM integration, businesses should keep their employees’ current workflows in mind.

3. Track All Sales Activity

For sales teams who are constantly tracking sales activity to determine conversion rates, the number of leads in the sales funnel, the average length of the sales cycle, and other opportunities, the absence of an SMS data could mean that important prospect touchpoints (text messages) are lost in this process, impacting the integrity of their sales activity reports.

Automatically logging text conversations in a CRM will ensure sales teams have a complete view of all sales activity in real time, not just emails and calls.

4. Stop Losing Prospects

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of jobs held by baby boomers from ages 18 to 48 totaled nearly 12 jobs. Given that millennials appear to be even more prone to changing companies than their older counterparts, businesses may find themselves with a revolving door for their sales teams, which could greatly affect their future sales opportunities.

In such scenarios, companies with salespeople who leave their business may have leads, including some that are ready to become customers, that are never transferred to other employees. A lack of an SMS CRM integration would mean that all of a sales rep’s text messages with prospects would also be lost because the conversations would be stored on the former employee’s phone, not in a centralized system. By automatically logging these text interactions in a CRM, companies can easily transfer accounts and ensure prospects aren’t ignored when salespeople leave, and new reps pick up their territory.

5. Better Transfer of Customers from Sales to Account Management

Once a prospect becomes a customer, it’s imperative that the expectations that were set by the sales rep continue to be met in order to achieve a long-term relationship that yields repeated business. This necessity depends greatly on how well account managers can “pick up” where the sales rep “left off.” Having text messages automatically logged and easily visible in the CRM ensures that account managers have access to all communications between sales reps and customers prior to their involvement, which expedites the knowledge transfer and makes for a smoother handoff.

By having all of this information readily available, there is also an extra layer of accountability between sales and account management to ensure both parties recognize their failures and successes in the sales and post-sales processes.

6. Evaluate, Analyze, and Optimize Through Dashboards

Sales managers have numerous responsibilities, including tracking and reporting on sales reps’ performance. The right SMS CRM integration enables these team leaders to understand what text messaging outreach is working well so they can communicate the results with other team members and optimize the process to improve conversion rates across the board.

In line with some of the advantages discussed above, an SMS CRM integration will also allow sales managers to easily reassign accounts to new employees, visualize sales conversations to train reps, and simplify the handoff between reps and account managers.

Choosing the Right SMS CRM Integration for Your Business

Text messaging isn’t a luxury for salespeople; it’s a necessity in today’s highly connected world where attention spans are waning and messaging must be engaging and personalized. If your business hasn’t yet explored the advantages of sending text messages to prospects and customers and connecting these conversations with your CRM, there are solutions available that will make this process seamless.

Uplink, a platform designed with sales teams in mind, can help your business benefit from all of the above capabilities of a successful SMS CRM integration. Uplink automatically logs conversations in Salesforce and also won’t disrupt your employees’ workflows because it works with native messaging apps, allowing users to visualize their text conversations with prospects and customers directly in Salesforce. Now, your business can easily track and report on all sales activities and maintain productive relationships at every stage of the sales cycle.

Interested in learning more about how SMS conversations in your CRM can give your sales team a needed boost? Request a trial of Uplink.

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