3 Innovative Releases Every Salesforce User Should Know About

Salesforce is known for consistently pushing the envelope to improve their products. Throughout 2018, we have seen a multitude of new releases that enhance productivity for users such as the ability to create Quick Actions in Lightning experience, build macros in Lightning Sales console, and build targeted customer journeys using Journey Templates in Marketing Cloud. We’ve recently learned about a few new features that we think are game changers for the way people use and interact with Salesforce.

Lightning Object Creator

Turn Spreadsheets into Applications Easily
Many companies are still working off of spreadsheets on a daily basis, but do they give you the ability to connect to dashboards, reports, and other CRM data? With Lightning Object Creator, you can improve your spreadsheet process by using the new low-code platform service to turn every single spreadsheet into an application within Salesforce.

The growing partnership between Google Cloud and Salesforce makes the Lightning Object Creator an even more attractive service as more and more small to mid-size businesses are utilizing Google Suite.  It also works with Microsoft Excel and Quip, so regardless of the type of spreadsheet office tool your company uses, you can turn them into useful applications.


If you have been using Salesforce for some time now, you know the power a Custom Object can have on the way you manage data. Custom Objects are customizable versions of spreadsheets. The Custom Object Creator makes building Custom Objects even easier – regardless of your skill set.

Currently, this service is in the pilot stage, but stay on the lookout come early 2019 when the full release takes place.

Quip now works with Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides

Create Spreadsheets that are Adaptable and Show Real-Time Data
Integrations with other commonly used tools is a major benefit to using Salesforce products. Quip is a robust collaboration platform that helps you work smarter and faster with your team by integrating software programs that you use daily. You can create and share spreadsheets (which can be turned into apps using the Lightning Object Creator as mentioned above), create live documents, chat with your teammates and as of recently, you can upload your Microsoft Powerpoints and Google Slides (or create new ones).

What is unique about Quip’s slides is the possibility of importing your Salesforce data and any other spreadsheet data that automatically updates. By doing so, you can create the slides once and know that the connected data will always be up to date. Imagine not having to recreate the wheel every time you need to put together a new presentation to show your manager? Beautiful, right?

Quip Slides image

Einstein Voice

The Next Step in Salesforce Artificial Intelligence

Do you ever wish you had an assistant to handle all the time-consuming aspects of your day to day work life? Well, now with Einstein Voice, you can have your very own assistant to enter in data as you are speaking. Additionally, daily updates can be set up so you have a clear picture of who your targets are for a particular day. You can take it a step farther by customizing your updates to hear only the most relevant information to you.

Aside from logging data and getting daily updates, you can also ask Einstein Voice for assistance in retrieving specific search queries from your Salesforce instance. Imagine driving in the car or on a train with a limited amount of time, and you’re in need of the name of a contact within the account you are about to meet? No problem ask Einstein Voice, and it will tell you.

Many individuals are finding themselves stretched thin and bouncing from one meeting or task to another with very little time to spend on manual data entry. Einstein Voice is a great feature that will help you focus on what you love doing – selling products or services to people that need them, productively. With artificial intelligence as the backbone of Einstein, you also will have the added benefit of getting clear predictions about clients based on their engagement. Now you can speak to Salesforce and make it work for you.

Are you interested in learning more about new Salesforce features and how they can help you or your team exceed their sales and marketing goals? Learn more about our Salesforce Consulting. Or, if you are attending Dreamforce 2018, meet up with our Lead Salesforce Consultant, Ryan Kohn! Some other members of the Lunar team will be there as well. Connect with them today on social — Jon Robinson, Kyle McMahon, and Drew Whitcomb

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