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Lunar automates and integrates technology to get more out of your existing sales and marketing.

Who We Are

Lunar is focused on revolutionizing the way businesses function through technology. Our consultants leverage expertise in Salesforce, Pardot, platform integration, and application development to produce the most efficient processes to match your business needs. Combining our consulting services with our SaaS products, we are filling the growing void between marketing, sales, and technology.


We will guide you through the selection, implementation, and management of new apps, platforms, and sales acceleration tools – to address your technology challenges with accountability, adaptability, and long-term vision. Our specialties are in Salesforce, Pardot, Ticketmaster data distribution, and technology integration.


Shuttle makes it easy to move data, in real time, from any number of inputs into unlimited destinations such as Salesforce, Slack, Email, standard webhook destinations and other application. Using error-handling technology, Shuttle prevents you from losing valuable leads.

Reach customers directly from your phone’s text messaging app and visualize the conversation in Salesforce. Uplink eliminates the need to download a separate texting application and manual input of text conversations in Salesforce. Uplink frees up your sales team’s time to do what they do best – close deals.

Weitz Lux receives inquiries from dozens of websites, vendors, and referral firms and keeping them all organized was a significant challenge. Shuttle gives us the ability to pass unique inquiry information from different sources, as well as add proprietary tagging to separate each stream and accurately attribute where that lead originated.

William D.,

Director of Operations, Weitz & Luxenberg

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